At The Healing Pen Store, we understand the importance of providing a comfortable and safe environment for your dog's post-surgical care. Our high-quality dog pens are designed to aid in their recovery and ensure they have the space they need to heal properly. With convenient delivery services, we make it easy for you to support your pet during this crucial time. Please allow 7 business days lead time as all pens are made to order.

The healing pen is used for surgical recovery for dogs as an alternative to crates when long term recovery is ordered by your pet's veterinarian or surgeon. Perfect for post TPLO surgery recovery, the healing pen is a comfortable, safe environment for your best friend. 


1. All Pens are 39.5 inches tall. Bar space is 3.125 wide.  Pens are fully customizable to size, based on activity restrictions required by the surgeon or your pet's veterinarian.

2. Door is flush to the floor promoting safety.  No cross bar or lip to step over. Door hinges may be installed inside or outside of the pen. This gives you the choice to have door open in or out. 

3. Door has a double latch system for security

4. All Pens are made out of Furniture Grade 3/4 PVC pipe.

5. All Pens come with clamps to secure your pen to the floor for stability.

6. Easy setup & break down for storage and future use.

7. Pen is able to be used for recovery of all types of surgery that require restriction of your pet's activity.

8. Our TPLO surgery pen is 71.5 L x 56.75 W x 39.5 H. This is the maximum amount space allowed for your pets' recovery after TPLO surgery. 

Benefits Of Healing Pen

1.  Keeping your dog in a crate for prolonged periods may lead to behavior issues. The Healing pen prevents this Issue.

2.  The healing pen allows you to provide quality care and maintain the activity restrictions ordered by your pets Veterinarian. 

3. The pen allows your dog some movement that will help prevent muscle loss in recovery.

4.  All pens come as a Kit, easy to setup and brake down for storage. You may glue or screw parts together for a permanent placement.

5. Keeping your dog contained in the pen will prevent your pet from accidentally jumping up on furniture and assure your pet is getting the rest that they require for healing.

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