About Us

 Devoting my life to public service for the past 34 years working as a nurse. I have always had a passion for dogs in my free time. Our girl Emma, a 5-year-old German shepherd was diagnosed with a CCL/ meniscus tear in the left rear leg, which was confirmed by Orthopedic surgeon, Dr Barnet from Bulger Animal Hospital in Lawrence Ma.

We were devastated by the news. We were told it would be routine orthopedic surgery with a surgical success rate over 90%. (TPLO surgery is the #1 orthopedic surgery done in the USA). We discussed the risks involved. We then discussed the at home recovery process. Home recovery rate is at 60 %.

 Emma would need 2 months of crate rest along with a strict set of recovery Instructions. I knew that with long term recovery comes adverse patient effects.

A dog contained in a cage would build up anxiety, depression, and aggression over time. Physical deconditioning was also a major concern with long term crate rest.

 After long exhausting searches for rehab pens for medium to large dogs. It was quickly discovered the market does not cater to the medium or large dog. The only option was a crate. The healing Pen was born.

 With careful planning, building, and testing. The Healing Pen was ready to be released to the public as an alternative to prolonged crate use for recovering dogs.

The healing pen provides ample room for your dog to recover. Two times the size of an XL, I crate. It allows the pet owner to go inside and spend quality time and provide care to your dog.

Pens are constructed from furniture grade PVC Pipe. It is lightweight and requires no particular care. The posts are spaced vertically to decrease your pets’ desire to jump up. All while maintaining the restrictions ordered by your pet’s veterinarian / surgeon. The door is flush to the ground allowing easy and safe access in and out of the pen. (This feature is Important post op when the dog has limited weight bearing on the leg and needs assistance to get up and walk).


We will cater to all pet lovers. Our store will specialize in post-surgical recovery needs for dogs. We will maintain a monthly blog with helpful tips on your journey to your furry friend’s recovery. Our store will have most Items you may need. We will provide links to purchase the few remaining Items from our friends that you may require. All with minimum stress to both you and your furry friend.

We are a small family run and veteran owned business. After our experience with Emma, who on her 8-week checkup for x-rays and exam is 90-95% healed. She also experienced minimal muscle loss to the surgical leg. Our goal is to help pets and their owners to have a smooth recovery. We will strive to increase the full recovery rate by selling products and providing free information that will be beneficial to pet owners and their pets.