TPLO surgery is the #1 orthopedic surgery in the USA

Welcome to our blog page. We will offer monthly tips to help you and your furry friend through the journey of recovery. May 2024

The first topic will be TPLO surgery.

What is TPLO surgery, you may ask? The procedure / surgery done to repair the CCL ligament in your dog’s knee. The surgery has an extremely high success rate. Over 90%. The recovery rate is around 60 %.

TPLO surgery is the #1 orthopedic surgery in the USA. Some of the reasons for the low recovery rates are,

  1. Recovery takes 2 months or longer following a strict set of directions.
  2. It is difficult for the pet and the owner to follow all the directions your veterinarian provides.
  3. Setting up a routine for some people is exceedingly difficult. This surgery requires a daily routine of Rest, Ice, heat, medication, and range of motion for a good result. Keeping a daily log helps with this task.
  4. Most people have limited peer support for the long commitment needed to help your furry friend heal.
  5. Pet owners have limited training on providing all the care required such as proper ROM use of heat and Ice. Use online videos to practice ROM prior to surgery with your dog. Use your cell phone to take photos of Incision every two days to help keep your veterinarian updated should any problems arise with Incisional healing.
  6. Pet Path is a free online program that keeps you and pet on track daily. It has photos of dog's Incision so you can compare.
  7. Keeping your pet confined to a crate is difficult for the pet and the owner. Providing care in the crate is incredibly challenging. Long term confinement leads to lifelong undesirable affects. Allow your dog to go in and out of the pen one week prior to surgery. Use Treats & feedings to make this their new favorite place.

Helpful Tips: Buy all your supplies to care for your dog at least two weeks prior to surgery. Get your pet accustomed to all new devices you will use for their recovery.

    Items to consider:

A pen for your dog to recover in. This will allow you easy access to care for your pet and room for your dog to move around.

Brain toys for your dog to keep them socially satisfied. Lick mats work well also.

Any medical equipment you may need to provide care in recovery. Lick sleeve, Ice & heat packs, Harness, Dog Bed. 

In closing this is not medical advice but helpful suggestions that should give you a solid understanding of TPLO surgery. Yes, this will be a trying time for you and your furry friend. With this Information provided we hope you will be prepared for the journey to your furry friend’s recovery.

Ted Smallwood President

The Healing Pen Store LLC