Recovery for your furry friend after Surgery

June 2024:

We hope you and your furry friend are doing well down the road to recovery. This month after listening carefully to people going through recovery with their pets. I have learned that the same types of questions are being asked by many. So, let's dive in and get the answers out to everyone. I am listing the questions and best answer possible.

1 My dogs Incision is very red and swollen, what should I do?

A: This is normal right after a surgical procedure. Apply Ice wrapped in a towel to affected area 10 minutes on three times a day. Also take daily photos of the incision so you can compare how things are going. Also helps if you need to send several photos to your vet for examination / treatment

2. My dog is not putting any weight on hind leg after surgery is this normal.

A: All dogs are different and heal at different rates. Are you keeping your pet medicated for pain as Instructed, are you using ice as Instructed. This all helps with the healing process. Your dog should gradually start putting weight on the leg. The key to TPLO recovery is slow and easy on your furry friend this recovery is a crawl not a race. Lots of rest.

3. What supplies do I need to help my dog recover.

A: Ice Packs, Heat packs, A sling, Soft Collar or Cone, Lick plates and Brain games to keep pup happy. A good Pen for recovery so you can keep your pet happy through recovery